OCR Operations

Junyong brings the experience of well over 50 obstacle races (including essentially every major OCR championship to date) since the sport’s modern day inception in 2010, and has provided marketing, logistics, creative, and engineering input to most of the major organizations in play.

Some examples of services offered:

  • Streamlining and expediting of any part of the construction and setup/tear-down/transport process
  • Conducting course testing and safety evaluations / risk assessments
  • Reducing costs and staffing needs
  • Implementing uniformity and standardization across all events
  • Creatively generating new business to an event
  • Enhancing the customer experience

Obstacle & Course Design

If there was one thing Junyong is better at than OCR, it would have to be creative design and problem solving. With his years of experience in both racing and product development as a mechanical design engineer, there may not be a more well-qualified individual to design obstacles for the sport. With an entire portfolio of unique obstacles ranging from simple to complex, Junyong can offer you something that fits your budgetary and/or build constraints while considering any contextual needs of a themed event. If you want professional-grade detailed designs, plans, and bill of materials for your builders to construct from, he can do that. If you want a virtual, wooden, or 3D prototype model for visualization and/or presentation purposes, he can do that too. 

Product Design & Enhancements

Junyong’s design ideas don’t stop on the obstacle course. He has a slew of design projects in motion with Fast Functional Innovations where he plans to introduce many game-changing new products and ideas for the OCR industry and far, far beyond. If you are interested in potentially becoming a financial partner for the Fast Functional Innovations branch of the business, please feel free to reach out. If you have a product that you want critically evaluated and/or redesigned, send the inquiry this way for a no-obligation consult.